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An Blackout death for Shinnok in Arcade Mode

Game: Mortal Kombat Gold. Platform: Dreamcast.
Submitted by ShinSmoke on 08/30/04.

In order to do this you must have Sektor against CPU Shinnok on the last stage.On the final round either round 2 or 3 have Shinnok's life bar on danger and do Sektor's homing missles at least 2 or 3 and finish Shinnok with a attack of your choice.(A teleport uppercut would be good)After that you usually see Shinnok's head explode into a skull and he goes into that portal and burn.But the homing missles hit him before his head explodes.Either three things will happen:
1.The background will turn black,the background music will be slient and Shinnok will be laying on the dark background dead with a skinless face.
2.Same as 1 but ends different,the same dark back ground with slient music and Shinnok standing in a dizzy animation with a skinless face.
3.A little harder to do you must be very far away,the missles must hit Shinnok quickly.If done correctly you get this alternate glitch.Shinnok just stand there in a dizzy animation like the announcer said "FINISH HIM".Too bad you can't do a fatality on him since Sektor is frozen.
It will announce that you are a supreme champion of mortal kombat and show Sektor's ending.
Note:On the gold disc trying to do this glitch will crash the game and reset the dreamcast after it announces that you are a champion.Red disc this glitch is safe.

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