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MKShin is an online reference for glitches found in the Mortal Kombat game series. For more info, see the help section.

Have you stumbled across an interesting/amusing/silly glitch in an MK game? Send it in! Currently, MKShin is the largest database of Mortal Kombat glitches, and we're growing daily. Submit to MKShin today.

Glitches and cheats for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Welcome to the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 section of MKS. Herein, you'll find glitches submitted by other viewers. If you try a glitch and it doesn't work, by all means contact us so that we can figure out what's wrong. For more information on how this page works, see the help page.

Shao Kahn:Baby go boom!

Game: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Platform: Super Nintendo.
Submitted by Mortal_Kombat_Fan on 04/12/03.

First enable the code for the 30 kredits.Play Arcade mode to Shao Kahn and choose Scorpion as your character.When the battle begins,wait until Shao Kahn does his fireball thingy,do Scorpion's Spear(back,back,b.) at the same time you won't be damaged much, but shao kahn will feel the force of the attack and fall down on his butt.Poor man.If you constantly can't preform this,your 30 kredits will back you up.So if you want to win and not fool around with this glitch.But it is funny.You have 29 more chances(or less)!!

Have fun!!

Kabal Suicide (Real)

Game: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Platform: Genesis.
Submitted by Mavado on 02/05/03.

Play as Kabal. Win. When the screen says "Finish Him!", enter the Mk TRILOGY Animlaity code (Hold High Punch, forward, forward, down, forward, release High punch), and Kabal's head will come off. Plus you'll still win the match. THIS MUST BE DONE ON THE THIRD ROUND!

User has included a picture of this submission. See it here.

Sheeva's Revenge!

Game: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Platform: Super Nintendo.
Submitted by RickL on 01/23/03.

OK, here’s a little history of this well-known glitch. Sheeva was taken out of UMK3 due to memory issues and the fact that she was the least favorite character out of all of them in Mortal Kombat 3. However, they forgot to take her out fully!

To start, do the code for the Tournament Mode (Hold L+R, then press Start on the Start option). Once there, do a random select with both controllers. What you’re looking for is to get an “E” symbol for one of these characters. If you got one, then you have Sheeva! Start up the game as normal, and play until you get to Sheeva.

The first thing you’ll notice is that she’s only a few splotches of black or red. You’ll find out that she’s very glitchy and everything too. You can easily crash the game or get stuck by doing the following:

- Jumping over her.

- Using Kabal’s whirlwind manuver. (Crashes the game)

If Sheeva is the last character, and you get to the “Finish Her” thing with her, it’ll crash the game, with Shao Khan saying “Finish Him!” a few times. However, if Sheeva is first, the scrolling will focus on the other player instead!

Most moves still work on her, but foot sweeps have no effect on her. Throws still work, but she’ll just kind of do a hop in the air and take damage.

Sheeva is still playable, for the most part. She has no special moves, although she does something if you do the motion for her fireball (Down, Forward, High Punch), although it only results in some minor graphic glitches. Doing her throw will result in the character that was thrown bounce off the level just like jumping over her. (However, it is amusing to watch! ^_^)

With the way this glitch is unstable, you might want to be careful when using it, as it may screw up your game pak data. It hasn’t happened to me, but you can never really be sure. However, feel free to find any other things to do with this glitch.

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