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Glitches and cheats for Mortal Kombat Gold

Welcome to the Mortal Kombat Gold section of MKS. Herein, you'll find glitches submitted by other viewers. If you try a glitch and it doesn't work, by all means contact us so that we can figure out what's wrong. For more information on how this page works, see the help page.

Sektor Flamethrower Fatality Glitch

Game: Mortal Kombat Gold. Platform: Dreamcast.
Submitted by fuzzdork on 01/01/04.

Occasionally, when you perform Sektor's flamethrower fatality, the loser's upper torso is backwards from their legs, and they just wiggle around instead of running in a circle and screaming.

Goro's Lair Fatality on every stage

Game: Mortal Kombat Gold. Platform: Dreamcast.
Submitted by scorpio on 01/31/03.

Enable the cheat menu. Turn on the easy pit fatalities cheat. you'll now be able to knock the opponrnt up in the spikes on any stage. This trick also works on mk4

Sektor's Fatality

Game: Mortal Kombat Gold. Platform: Dreamcast.
Submitted by scorpio on 01/31/03.

This must be done at goro's lair. when it says "finish him/her" do sektors heat seeking missle (f-d-b-hp) before it hits the opponent do the goro's lair fatality. if done correctly your opponent will hit the spikes and then get hit by the missle.

Use level weapons as real weapons

Game: Mortal Kombat Gold. Platform: Dreamcast.
Submitted by kryptondog on 1/20/03.

At the "Press Start Button" screen, quickly press Up(2x), Down(2x), Left(2x), Right(2x). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a laugh and the word "Outstanding" will be spoken. Press Start to enter the main menu, then highlight the "ARCADE" selection and press L + R to display MKG's cheat menu. From there, 14 in the Kombat Kode section to activate Weapon Kombat (which will allow you to use your weapons throughout a match without them dropping when you get hit). Now, start a game with Tanya (or choose Tanya's boomerang weapon from the weapon select screen and pick a different character). Fight until you get to a stage with background weapons on the floor, such as the rocks or the skulls (by the way, this is much easier in 2-player mode). Hold away and press high punch to send your boomerang flying, but make sure it misses your opponent. While it's off-screen, quickly grab one of the background weapons. You'll perform the throw animation, but the object will stay in your hand! From here, it acts like Kai's knife weapon. If you get hit, you'll drop it, but you can always pick it up again.

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