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MKShin is an online reference for glitches found in the Mortal Kombat game series. For more info, see the help section.

Have you stumbled across an interesting/amusing/silly glitch in an MK game? Send it in! Currently, MKShin is the largest database of Mortal Kombat glitches, and we're growing daily. Submit to MKShin today.

Glitches and cheats for Mortal Kombat 2

Welcome to the Mortal Kombat 2 section of MKS. Herein, you'll find glitches submitted by other viewers. If you try a glitch and it doesn't work, by all means contact us so that we can figure out what's wrong. For more information on how this page works, see the help page.

MK2 Dead Pool Glitch

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Arcade.
Submitted by balkcsiaboot on 01/21/04.


Fatality in the first Round

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Genesis.
Submitted by Airmac on 01/19/04.

First enter the Code for the Cheat Menu. Select "One Hit Kills Player 2". Then start a fight and select for player 1 Shang Tsung and for the player 2 Kung Lao. Win the first round with Shang Tsung. Immediately when the second round starts turn into Sub-Zero, go in sweep range and wait until the timers is going from 87 to 86. Then sweep Kung Lao. Perform Sub-Zero' first half of the freeze shatter fatality. After that he will morph back into Shang Tsung. Jump back to the other side of the screen and morph into Kung Lao. Do his hat throw fatality.

In every following fight, you have Kung Lao as player 1, when your performing his hat throw you will decapitate the opponent and it will say Fatality.

BUT you have to perform the hat throw fatality in the second round. If you're not doing that, the first round fatality won't work again.

cpu op slide

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Super Nintendo.
Submitted by scorpio on 12/30/03.

tmk forgot to mention that it works best on medium+ diffilulty. check out the glitch vid i did it in. :-)

CPU Slide

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Super Nintendo.
Submitted by Total-MK on 12/29/03.

This prety much works with any Character on MK2. But I find it works best with Shang Tsung,Reptile,Rayden,Jax and Baraka. Get a far distance from the cpu, and keep throwing projectiles, do it as fast as you can...the CPU will duck...keep doing them...after A while the CPU gets pissed off, and while ducking slides right up to you and attacks! I hate it when the computer cheats >:|

Liu vs. Johnny Crash Out

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Super Nintendo.
Submitted by Shinnokxz on 11/25/03.

Start a two player game. Have one of the fighters be Liu Kang and the other be Johnny Cage. I think this only works on the Pit II.

Have the person who is Johnny do a Shadow Uppercut. When the uppercut reaches its peak, do Liu Kang's Bicycle kick. This takes good timing and a few tries, but when you do it it will cause the game to scroll up past the backgrounds edge... crashing it.

Perform Fatalities during match

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Super Nintendo.
Submitted by Jason Shearer on 06/05/03.

This works on the SNES MK2 beta ONLY. So you will need to locate the ROM. Simply perform any character's Fatality/Stage during a match. It is possible to be hit out of this, in which the screen will remain darkened. A failed attempt may be tried again. Stage Fatalities must be done on the appropriate stages (obviously). Any Fatality performed will result in the timer counting down to 0. A small price to pay in order to kill your opponent unexpectedly. Enjoy.

Kintaro Disappearing Trick

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Super Nintendo.
Submitted by ]{0MBAT on 05/30/03.

Against Kintaro, just keep pressing HP, LP, HP, LP, HP, LP, etc. and eventually he just disappears and does weird stuff.


Please host that kryptondog :)

PS. Give credit to ShingoEX, not me, as he discovered the glitch and captured it himself.

Play as the hidden/boss characters

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Genesis.
Submitted by RickL. on 03/23/03.

This glitch requires a game genie. First, plug your controller into the second player port (or configure your emulator accordingly). If you're unsure, just do this glitch in two-player mode. Anyway, enter one of these game genie codes on the code input screen:

B0MT-BE76 (for Shao Kahn)
BWMT-BE76 (for Kintaro)
CCMT-BE76 (for Jade)
B4MT-BE76 (for Smoke)
B8MT-BE76 (for Noob Saibot)

Now, start a game and choose any character (it doesn't matter which one). When the match starts, assuming you're playing with the second-player controller, you'll be playing as the hidden character you selected! There's lots of neat things you can do with this, and it can also crash the game, so be careful.

MKII Mutiple Babalitys

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Arcade.
Submitted by Total-MK on 02/04/03.

Using Mortal Kombat II Version 2.1 on the Arcade, Disable Blood + Fatalities (Dip switch 1 + 2 on bank 1)

Play the game normaly and prepare to do a Babality, When you get the Finish Him! / Her! Promt, do a babality, after the baby apears, do it agian..then agian...then agian. hehe As you can see the game starts to glitch up leaving explosions on the screen and baby's and still images of characters swaying. Its easiest to do this with Baraka, as his babality is f,f,f,hk.

User has included a picture of this submission. See it here.

Reptile's Invisible Fatality

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Playstation.
Submitted by Capital_M on 01/31/03.

When youre using reptile and youre ending the second round,before hitting your opponent,Turn Invisible.Now punch your opponent and the finish him screen comes. Do the eat head with tongue fatality,and he will be doing it while invisible! When he finishes he may either stay invisible or go back to normal!

The Smoke Glitch

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Super Nintendo.
Submitted by ]{0MBAT on 01/28/03.

1) Start a 1-player game. Keep playing until you get to the Pit II, and then die and get a Game Over. That way, your next match is in front of the Portal. It's faster if you let one of the intros show first, that way your first match is front of the Living Forest instead of the Acid Pool.

2) Now from the main screen, start up a 2-player endurance round by holding L + R and pressing start.

3) Now that you're in front of the portal, keep uppercutting your opponent with Down + HP. When the Dan Forden comes out to yell Toasty, hit Down and Start on one of the controllers.

4) Now you will be taken to Goro's Lair. Only instead of fighting Smoke, you will fight the same lineup of fighters chosen by your opponent (only computer controller).

5) The difficulty is much higher than usual - but they still will still fall for the same fireball pattern, which causes the AI to jump backwards landing right on your character's projectile attack. Use this to defeat your opponent.

6) Now when you beat the first character, the rest will be ridiculously easy. They won't even put up a fight! Sometimes they will walk, duck, or jump, but never attack. Unfortunately, Fatalities can't be used against them.

User has included a picture of this submission. See it here.

Beat the CPU every time

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Arcade.
Submitted by MKSECRETS on 01/27/03.

Let's say you're fighting the computer. Once you're WITHIN SWEEP DISTANCE (again, the fight HAS NOT ENDED YET) jump at your opponent but DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTON, simply jump at him. The CPU WILL NOT DO ANYTHING. Walk up to him and "push" your opponent towards the edge of the screen and keep doing that until THE SCREEN DOESN'T SCROLL ANYMORE. Then, walk back, and AS SOON AS YOU'RE AT THE VERY LIMIT OF BEING IN SWEEP DISTANCE, jump at him again but THIS TIME HIT/KICK him. Once you jump at him, the CPU will do a projectile attack, but it won't hit you (yet YOU WILL connect with your attack). As soon as your opponent gets up, simply REPEAT THIS!

Scorpion's Flaming Skull

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Computer / Mac.
Submitted by Jason Shearer on 01/25/03.

This glitch was found on the MK & MK2 compilation for PC and is untested on the original release.

As Shang Tsung with Scorpion as your opponent, simply morph into Scorpion and perform his Toasty fatality. In result, Scorpion's head will glitch and look like it's on fire. This ONLY works when done using Shang Tsung and against Scorpion.

User has included a picture of this submission. See it here.


Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Super Nintendo.
Submitted by Nick Inabnit on 01/23/03.

What happens: Makes projectiles stationary, makes an invisible "hit" float on the stage which can hit the opponent, leads to many Fatality glitches.

As Johnny Cage, be across the screen so that your back is up against the edge of the screen. (The SNES version is weird--when you try to get both people across the screen, only one person can be all the way against the side of the screen. The other person is about a character's length away from their side, and can't get any farther away.)

Be a short character, so Cage's high fireball will go over them. Throw a high fireball, then, before that one gets off the screen--as soon as you recover from the animation,--throw another high fireball. The second one won't come out at all. Now do a Shadow Kick. If your shadows are slightly higher than you are, you did it correctly. If they are exactly even with you (horizontally) like they should be, try again.

Effects of TUG:

-There is an invisible "hit" floating on the stage. (The "hit" is a few steps back from where you did the Shadow Kick.) If your opponent walks into it, they will get hit. If you don't do the Shadow Kick, the invisible hit is not present.

-The next time you do a fireball with Cage, it will come out from where you did the one that disappeared. So if you did TUG from mid-screen, then walked back half a screen and threw another one, it would come out half a screen in front of Cage.

-As Shang Tsung, morph to Johnny Cage (D,D,B+LP). Do the TUG. When you morph back, throw a fire ball (B,B+HP). It will be frozen in mid-air (right where you
did the Shadow Kick). Most characters' projectiles will behave in the same way--they simply get stuck on screen in the same general place (but some appear higher up than others). Below is a list of the different effects of all the character's projectiles that do not behave generically.

-Liu Kang- No matter what fireball you do (high, low, or air) it will be at the height of the regular fireball (F,F+HP).

-Kung Lao- While his hat-toss behaves normally, the "aura" coming off of him from his spin move (U,U+LK) will come out from where you did the shadow kick.

-Mileena- If you do her Sai Shot while right next to them, they will be hit, even though the sais came out behind her. (The sais will still be frozen in mid-air.)

-Scorpion- The Spear will come out normally and float in mid-air, however; when they get hit by it, they are NOT dizzied--they simply stagger backwards.

-Sub-Zero- If they get hit by the Ice Blast, they will stagger and not be frozen, then another Ice Blast will appear directly above where the last one disappeared. If they touch *that* Ice Blast, they will be frozen.

Having stationary projectiles can lead to legions of glitches.

Try fooling around with having a fireball stationary, then doing a Fatality that knocks them into it.

One last attack

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Arcade.
Submitted by Nick Inabnit on 01/23/03.

What it does: Allows you to perform one last move after your opponent kills you and it says "Finish Him/Her".

Certain characters have throws that will allow the opponent to do a move after it says "Finish Him/Her". Whether or not a character's throw allows this or not is determined by if the opponent bounces after being thrown. If they do bounce, that throw will not work. Therefore, only the male ninjas, Baraka, and Liu Kang's throw will work. (I find it easiest to do with Baraka's.)

The two easiest things to do are uppercuts and mashable moves--ones that have the same direction two or three times, then a button. Johnny Cage's Friendship is a good example of a mashable move (D,D,D+HK). Just mash D+HK as fast as you can. I have done Rayden's Friendship, so it IS possible to do moves other than mashable just takes very good timing.

Things to do with this glitch:

-On the Deadpool, be about one character's length away from the corner. Have your opponent hold LK and LP. Throw them into the corner (then it says "Finish Him/Her"), then have them do an uppercut. Because they were holding LP+LK, the WINNER of the match gets knocked into the Deadpool, but the win is credited properly at the top of the screen.

-Have your opponent do Johnny Cage's friendship. You can still move around and beat down Cage as he signs the photo. If you wait until after it is on-screen, then hit him, the photo will turn glitchy and have the blood splatter shape on it.

-Use Scorpion's air throw to finish them off, then as soon as you land, do your Babality and have your opponent do an uppercut. Now your opponent is a baby, but you can move around freely. Almost every move crashes the game when done to the baby.

Screwy skeleton

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Arcade.
Submitted by Nick Inabnit on 01/23/03.

What happens: You knock them in the Dead Pool and their skeleton goes the wrong way and ends up floating through the wall.

Just be in the corner when you do a pit fatality on the Dead Pool. They will land in the wall and start floating the wrong way.

Hack up a baby (Arcade version 1.0)

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Arcade.
Submitted by Nick Inabnit on 01/23/03.

What happens: You do a Babality, then hit the baby with your character's moves.

This is probably one of the most infamous glitches in the MK series...

In version 1.0 of the arcade MK2 game, you could do a Babality and then proceed to beat up the baby. The thing that allowed this was the fact that they didn't make your character do their winning pose until about *5 seconds* after they turned into a baby.

This was fixed immediately on the arcade versions, but for some reason, they left it in the Saturn version. (???)

Girl crotch-punch

Game: Mortal Kombat 2. Platform: Arcade.
Submitted by ]{0MBAT on 01/22/03.

1) Have one character pick Shang Tsung, and the other Johnny Cage. (Or they can both be Shang Tsung, and one of them can morph into Johnny Cage later. It doesn't really matter.)
2) Have Cage do a nut crunch (BL + LP) to Shang Tsung at the same time as Shang morphs into Mileena (Hold HP for 3 seconds).
3) Now that's it...Mileena will be staggering around (as if she's tripping on Sub-Zero's Ground Freeze), only she'll NEVER STOP - until you hit her or something to get her out of it.

User has included a picture of this submission. See it here.

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